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Technological innovation is at the base of the objectives concerning the optimization of distance learning (DL) and of elearning courses. The intent is to build tailor-made learning experiences.


Adaptive learning is a system based on the personalization of the training experience adapted to the real needs of the individual student, in order to identify the training path aligned to his learning styles and times.

The principle is based on the potential of the algorithm to detect user behaviour within the elearning platform. Every interest of the learner is mapped and used to accompany him within his own personal training experience, to regulate his rhythm and to generate real data on his performance.

Unlike the unique traditional learning experience for all, adaptive learning allows for a more fluid and stimulating study that progressively helps the learner to reach his full potential.

Adaptive learning technology does not replace the teacher, rather it supports him in teaching his discipline, helping him through algorithms to identify the abilities and difficulties of his students.


  • The programs adapt automatically based on individual performance, aligning with the learning times and contents of the learner
  • Better performance was measured in the growth of cognitive ability of the learner
  • Time optimisation: learners will spend less time thanks to this ‘adaptive’ approach specifically tailored to their learning needs
  • It is adaptable to all types of learners from the beginners to the advanced
  • It uses a combination of media and approaches that can adapt to the different learners’ needs.
  • With a personalised approach, students will be more committed and eager to learn
  • Students will get a feedback every time they complete the course and this helps them to gain a better understanding of their own weakness and strengths.

Adaptive learning is a new elearning trends in 2019. Read our past article if you want to know more about the other trends.

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