The best learning management system (LMS)

e-Logos is the learning management system (lms) for distance learning which, thanks to its fully integrated e-commerce, allows you to sell easily online courses.

e-Logos is the best lms for all those training providers who want to take advantage of distance learning and want more freedom in customising web pages in comparison with open sources lms strict rules.

Nothing against open sources lms, but having a platform as many as others, including limits on some features, certainly does not benefit those who want to stand out in the e-learning market.

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Functionalities of our LMS

Didactic Management

  • Creation of a training programme and unlimited courses loading
  • Webinars
  • Setting and monitoring of completion criteria
  • SCORM format
  • Release of completion certificate

Users Management

  • Access to members list of each course
  • Management of users’ authorisations
  • Report for each training course
  • Register of evaluations
  • Facial recognition

Monitoring and reports

  • Tests results and stats
  • Exporting of access list
  • Exporting of user activities
  • Number of monthly active users


  • Online selling
  • Payments through bank transfers or PayPal
  • Automatic invoices
  • e-Invoices available

WordPress Integration

  • Access the e-learning platform through your WordPress website
  • Access your website through the platform

More advantages

  • Fully customisable
  • User-friendly
  • Ease of use

e-Learning platform for distance learning and residential courses

The e-Logos+ platform is also ideal for those who want to deliver and manage courses in both Distance Learning (DL) and traditional modes.

Residential courses include the physical presence of the learner on a given day, place and time and through the e-Logos+ platform providers will be able to manage their students directly from the platform: electronic attendance register, virtual classrooms, course monitoring and much more. The formative credits that derive from both the residential and the distance courses have the same value and give both the access to the final test, enabling to obtain the certificate of achievement.

Additional functions

Virtual classroom

Lesson calendar

Electronic register

User monitoring

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