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Distance learning (DL) is one of the sectors most affected by investments in digital technologies. The main objectives concern the improvement of the learner’s experience through the interaction, making the training pleasant, immediate and efficient.

In this context, the learning trends for 2019 will be characterised by technological innovation.


The new trends concern virtual reality (VR), mobile learning, adaptive learning and the interaction between elearning platforms and social networks.

Let’s go into details:

  • Virtual reality (VR): through interactive graphics and immersive scenarios. virtual reality will make elearning much more pleasant and engaging and in this new scenario. DL platforms will increasingly be at the centre of education’s world;
  • Mobile learning: given the enormous use of smartphones and tablets, mlearning responds to the need to be able to follow courses wherever you are. In 2019 there will be significant investments to optimize elearning content towards this direction;
  • Adaptive learning: a lot of energy is now available to personalize the elearning experience of each individual learner. Through Adaptive Learning algorithms, the platforms will be able to identify the learning needs and styles to adapt the online contents to the specific needs of the individual students;
  • Interaction between elearning platforms and social networks: considering learners as consumers, the trend of 2019 will be adopting new marketing strategies intercepting them via channels such as Facebook or YouTube.

VITECO always try to stay up to date on the new learning trends tailoring its learning management systems to the new technologies in order to make them more user-friendly and customisable.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier or a authoritative partner for projects, VITECO could be the solution for you.

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