VITECO is the ICT technology provider for distance learning. Since 2004 it develops e-learning platforms mainly aimed at providing a user-friendly experience.

Thanks to different types of e-learning platforms, VITECO offers a wide range of software platforms which are useful to provide multimedia courses for the distance learning of employees, clients and public and private training centres.

VITECO is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified company for design, development and assistance of learning management systems and for design and development of online training courses and learning objects.

e-Learning platforms: what VITECO offers

VITECO services represent the comprehensive response to the needs of the training centers and of those companies that want to take advantage from the distance learning.

The services provided by VITECO are related to the implementation of distance learning projects from a technological point of view, starting from the creation of the technological platform able to release the courses, till the creation of interactive educational contents according to the client’s needs.

e-Learning platforms for all of your educational needs

VITECO gives its clients a wide range of technological solutions for distance learning: e-learning platforms suitable for training institutions to provide courses for continuous vocational training with a custom installation, learning management systems integrated with e-commerce platforms suitable for online sale of training courses and finally e-learning platforms designed just for short-term usage hosted on the VITECO cloud.

Content development

VITECO supports its clients through a wide range of services related to the implementation of the online multimedia courses, the design of learning objects, the set-up of educational games to enhance the learning path and the conversion of training courses into SCORM format, the International Standard for LMS (Learning Management System).

WordPress integration

VITECO supports companies in providing distance training also through the integration of e-learning platform with the CMS WordPress. Therefore users easily access to the e-learning platform directly by the training institution’s website.